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From The Station Owner/Manager,

When I set out to create Q STAR FM back in 2011, it was my goal and determination to keep this all COMMERCIAL FREE! And until recently, this promise has been kept to all our loyal listeners and visitors. Our licensing was thru "Stream Licensing" until they folded a few months ago. In keeping compliant with RIAA and copyright laws, I began looking for other venues through which to retain for licensing. Subsequently, the only service out there providing what we needed was "LIVE365".

However, unlike "Stream Licensing", there are "commercials" required for the same package price. In order to retain full COMMERCIAL-FREE status, it would require a bit more in fees. While it is not all that much more (an additional $20 per month), it is not within the budget. It is disconcerting to be so close to being COMMERCIAL-FREE yet still so far out of reach.

For this reason (and quite reluctantly) we are asking for your help. I'm hoping that listeners will be able to come to our aide and contribute any amount of money possible in order to return to ALL COMMERCIAL-FREE! While this could be an ongoing dilemma, we're genuinely hoping that our devoted and loyal listeners will be able to manage some small donation in helping us to reach our goals.

To offer any amount you can spare, just click on the "DONATE" button below to contribute thru PayPal. Thank you so very much for your help AND for listening to Q STAR FM!!!

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